Our Partners

Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Philadelphia is a longtime partner of the Brethren Community Foundation. Their life changing programs as a youth guidance and development organization serves low income youth throughout the Philadelphia Area. The BCF supports the Boys & Girls Clubs efforts in teaching kids in a multi-sensory approach to language with their Willard and Charlotte Harris Literacy Center, named after the founding Father of the historical Brethren Manor. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia is leading the effort in the Call to Action for Literacy Intiative to reach and serve more youth across the nation. In support of their efforts, we would like to share their Tribute to Rob Ross, an alumni whose life is a testament to the difference a Boys & Girls Club makes in the life of a child. Enjoy!

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Whittier in Tanzania

The fellowship program is a partnership between the Brethren Community Foundation, Global Partners, and Whittier College, and represents a groundbreaking initiative in developing global leaders while delivering impactful outcomes to communities in need.

As Brethren Fellows prepare for their travels, they attend a training session at the Global Partners for Development headquarters in Sonoma, California. This program is designed to be a transformational opportunity for Whittier students to engage in authentic grassroots community driven development in East Africa via the work of Global Partners and their partner communities.

Through the generous support of the Brethren Community Foundation, 100 percent of costs associated with the fellowship will be funded for Whittier students. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to use a meaningful budget to design and implement a project that will impact communities in Tanzania, and study the ongoing impact of this work.

The Prentice School

The Prentice School was created in 1986 by a dedicated group of professionals, psychologists, doctors, educators, and parents to address the needs of students who were struggling to learn in a traditional classroom environment.

Thirty years after its inception, The Prentice School has maintained its standard of excellence and established a reputation as one of the leading schools for children with learning differences by adhering to its original mission. We offer evidenced-based practices, a highly qualified, caring faculty, and a learning environment that taps into the talents of each student while supporting his or her unique learning differences.

The Prentice School continues to offer an unparalleled learning experience to students whose needs have not been met in the more traditional classroom setting. Prentice School participates in the Power of Leadership through collaboration with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia’s Call to Action Literacy Intiative funded by the BCF. 


Senior health is a critical component to our mission. UCI-mind is in the forefront of Alzheimer’s research which is affecting all of mankind, especially those in the twilight of their life. Research shows that one out of five of us will get Alzheimer’s, there is no cure, within ten years there will not be enough caregivers to meet the need of this tsunami, and devastatingly, researchers are desperately needed to continue the work. For these reasons the Brethren Community Foundation has stepped up to support the much needed research to help, not only today’s elderly population but, the future of mankind.

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