We feel that, while there are many fine charities, and hundreds of thousands of worthy causes, the Brethren Community Foundation is positioned to passionately serve the two ends of our citizenry, youth and the elderly, who frame our family life.

We wish our legacy to be that of giving to children from low-income circumstances the opportunities otherwise out of reach for them. Likewise, we strive to assure seniors the dignity of appropriate living conditions and access to good health.

These can feel like monumental goals. They are. That’s why we hope you’ll join us in these tasks. We have already seen a difference when our attention and financial support have been applied. It is very gratifying.

There are children without books. There are seniors without a place to sleep. You can be a part of the solutions.

We are a completely transparent charity. You are encouraged to contact our office and meet with any of our board members.

Mail checks to:
Brethren Community Foundation
315 W. 3rd Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701